Faded Shapes



  • June 2022      We received funding from ACS PRF and JHU Discovery Award to develop new electrochemical                              carbon capture methods. Come and join us to combat climate change!

  • June 2022       TJ received the ChemBE Undergraduate Research Fund to work (independently!) on lithium                                   metal anode protection. Congratulations TJ!

  • 1/24/2022       We received the Scialog award on Negative Emissions Science to develop a new approach for                                carbon dioxide upgrading! We thank RCSA for funding our vision! [news

  • 10/29/2021     We dressed up for the ChemBE Halloween Party! Can you guess what is our lab theme?

  • The Liu lab will start recruiting in Fall 2021!

Yayuan cannot wait to meet the new graduate students in person and discuss potential research projects! 

2021 halloween.jpg